I’m back! And it feels good.

redleaf-smFall is in the air here in Seattle. It’s my favorite time of year. I love the sunny days followed by cool evenings. It’s time for clam chowder, mugs of steaming coffee and sweaters. I get giddy at the crunch of fallen leaves under my boots and watching my dogs chase each other in circles as we stroll around the lake. For Mother Nature, autumn is a time to slow down and take a nap – but for me, it is time for renewal.

Every fall I fast for 5 days. I renew my commitment to healthy living and establishing balance in my life (no matter how off-track I got over the summer). I review where I’ve been and make a plan for where I’m going. It’s a road map that I am constantly adapting and changing. I cast away old plans that didn’t pan out or that I discover I really didn’t enjoy. I give myself permission to change and to let things go that aren’t fulfilling me or holding my interest. Doing so allows me to remain focused on the things that I do enjoy and that invigorate me – like writing. I’m also deeply in love with photography, cooking, painting and my friends and family.

I enjoy the work I do, but I have not landed in the exact right spot yet. I’m still tinkering with that facet of my life. Career has always been a peculiar companion for me. Probably because I grew up thinking I would be a writer and photographer, which have certainly been central to my life, but I do not spend my work hours on those things. And that has been a big piece of my fall renewal focus… to look very closely at my work and to come up with a plan that will allow my work to flow more effortlessly into my life, and vice-verse.

And so here we are, together again on Katalyst – where I can write, share my photos and renew that part of myself that has been dormant for far too long.

Thank you for being here with me! As always, I welcome your comments and the sharing of your own stories. Together, we will have some fun!



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