Behind the Camera Again

A lot of you know that I have been without a good camera for a long time. Some of you also know that I finally got a new Canon 70D for my last birthday.  Not having a camera these past 5 years has been like losing an appendage. My iPhone has sufficed for social media posts, but when you live for the perfect shot a mobile device just isn’t good enough.

I hope it’s like riding a bicycle, because I am trying to relearn my digital photography skills (after years of shooting film). I am spending more of my shooting time testing out settings. The subjects are pretty typical, I know. But there’s nothing like twilight over water to motivate a landscape & nature photographer. Here are some photos from yesterday when I was wandering the shores of Alki Beach in West Seattle.  Cheers! ~ Kat


  1. Thanks, Carlin. I have more to load from the weekend!

  2. Hey Kat 🙂
    The pics are looking awesome! There are a lot of times I miss living in Seattle area, its so pretty there! Hope to see lots more pictures!

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