About Me

Kat 2014Hi there! My name is Kathleen, but my friends call me Kat – and this is my blog.

Don’t expect to find a bunch of posts about digital marketing here – even though that’s much of what I do for a living. I mostly share that stuff on social media channels, where it belongs. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the like.

I am also a professional recruiter for several keystone industries – and I will write about career here, because it is so integral to our lives. I also mentor and work with entrepreneurs and startup founders a lot – because I am one of them and because I really enjoy helping entrepreneurs succeed with whatever advice and leadership I can contribute. Like career, our businesses consume a large part of our days – so I believe there’s much to be discussed and learned from our chosen work.

I am also a writer, photographer, gourmet cook, gardener, runner, cyclist, painter and lover of good wine and inspiring travel.

As you can probably guess by now, I like to live rather spherically. I believe that life, and the soul possessing that life, is multi-faceted. None of us are simple or one-dimensional. And that is the crux of Katalyst Blog… to explore all of those things that make us unique and alike at the same time – and to look at the things that drive us to become who we are.

I am on a mission to understand what it means to be human – flaws and all. I’m glad you’re here to share your experiences too.



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